28 September 2017

Bodean's, the BBQ and smokehouse restaurant chain, has signed up with Feed It Back, the EPOS-linked guest feedback service, to provide dish specific insight and better understand guests in all venues.

"We are always working to refine our offering to make it more relevant to our guests" commented Bjorn Berkemeijer, Operations Manager, "and we want to understand guest preferences by age, gender, spend, group size and other factors. We also want to ask guests for their opinions on our new menu ideas and Feed It Back is perfect for this."

Feed It Back is the only guest feedback system that integrates in real time with Comtrex EPoS system, among others, enabling feedback questions to be personalised to the guest's visit. The result is a brief, engaging feedback experience for guests and unparalleled insight for the restaurant group.

"Feed It Back is incredibly flexible and easy to use" added Bjorn, "we can make all changes ourselves and any changes we make are instantly live. After many years of working with restaurant systems, it is surprising how little time and effort is required to manage Feed It Back. In addition, we are a fun and cheeky brand and we can apply this language and tone to the guest survey, to ensure the whole experience is right for our guests."

"We will invite guests to access Feed It Back via our website, invite our loyal customers to access Feed It Back via social channels and make use of FIB's tablet app with guests at menu launch and other events."

"Bodean's want to make the best possible use of data to optimise the guest experience and make their brand stand out in a crowded market. Our job is to put that data at their fingertips and our real-time EPoS link makes us uniquely placed to do that" commented Carlo Platia, CEO at Feed It Back.

For press enquires at Feed It Back Ltd:
Julia Platia

01483 478986

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